Mr. Ranedeer

Mr. Ranedeer


Mr. Ranedeer v3 is an upcoming personal AI Tutor designed to teach you anything you wish to learn. It aims to provide an intuitive understanding similar to that of reading a book, while balancing engagement and retention for the student. This tutor adjusts its teaching approach based on its past experiences with both the general population and the individual student, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses to create a fine-tuned learning experience for each student. Additionally, our platform will introduce a monetizable marketplace of curriculums and lessons, akin to those on eDX and Coursera, allowing for widespread adoption of various skills, such as programming and mathematics. It provides an educational interface through high-quality content created by humans as reference material, supplemented by teaching from Artificial Intelligence. This approach addresses the short-term issue of overgeneralization by current generation language models, enabling learning to become more in-depth and specific to the material being taught.

Upcoming Releases

Project Name Status Last Updated Estimate Release Date
Mr. Ranedeer v3
Almost Done (75%)
25/02/2024 N/A
Mr. Ranedeer v2.9
In Progress (60%)
25/02/2024 N/A

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X (Formerly Twitter): @yupiop12

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